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Linah Mawoyo
Ga-Rankuwa City

Ga-Rankuwa City is currently the only retail centre of size within the market area. It is classified as a large community centre, providing both retail and social services to the community. Much of the foot count can be attributed to the location of a taxi rank within the same site as the shopping centre. There is also a strong presence of informal traders on the site, attracted by the commuters frequenting the taxi rank. The shopping centre is surrounded by large areas of open land which makes the possibility of expansion possible.

  • Ga-Rankuwa has been identified as an urban core. Retail development in such areas is encouraged.
  • Ga-Rankuwa City is located along an activity spine, falling within a linear zone.
  • The shopping centre’s location adjacent to the M21, a major collector road, affords the centre with high levels of accessibility and visibility.



In search of a contemporary architectural language, that embraces the genus loci of Ga-Rankuwa, the space is envisaged as a retail platform/node that not only serves its purpose of providing convenient shopping and entertainment for shoppers but also acts as a facilitation node that connects and regenerates the division/decomposition of the existing urban landscape.


Connecting CULTURE, ART and SPORT, the development node strives to create a node that will connect – Retail, Educations, Public Serves, Sports and Entertainment. The goal is to develop an activity node/ multi-purpose facility cluster, aimed at improving the social and economic conditions of the community, representing a viable entity consisting of a combination of economic and social activities that are integrated, vibrant, and pedestrian-friendly.


Through the use of the Voronoi technique, which patterns are ubiquitous in nature, activities are connected physically and metaphorically.

The objective of the Development Master Plan is to create a node
with the following advantages:

  • Convenience, as all services are located at a central point, allowing people to accomplish more tasks in a single Journey, equating to savings in both time and money
  • Reduction in the cost of providing public facilities through the sharing of resources, equipment, and land
  • Exposure for public facilities and encouragement of their use
  • Integration of different communities
  • Reduction of inequalities in the provision of facilities
  • Provision of greater security
  • Offsetting of transport costs

Retail is one of the most dynamic urban land uses/activities of our cities, towns, and rural areas. The Retail Sector is a significant catalyst for urban development in Tshwane. Shopping centres have influenced and changed the spatial direction in many areas. The imagined Ga-Rankuwa Shopping Centre node is geared to be one such catalyst for the greater community at large.

Province Gauteng
City Pretoria
Suburb Ga-Rankuwa
Sector Development
GLA 44224m2