PIC Developments

Jakaranda Shopping Centre Redevelopment Project

The Jakaranda Shopping Centre redevelopment is in full swing with the first phase of construction taking place. The redevelopment of Jakaranda comes from a need to re-establish the Centre as a Centre of Convenience, that has roots within the community while adding a fresh modernized look and feel. Sectional and Practical completion dates have been published, showing the Mall Walk Way, Plant Rooms, Existing Parking, Ground Floor Entrance 2 of the Mall and Lower Level Mall Walkway all being completed by December 2019.

Truly exciting times for the Centre as it will stand at an estimated 22 000m2 GLA, with an additional New Entrance off 18th Avenue, leading directly to the Pick n Pay a New Food Court and updated Jakranda Apartment Units.

Central City Shopping Centre brings hope to the Soshanguwe Community

Mowana Properties (MP) celebrated women in Soshanguwe this Women’s month. The month-end event culminated in a festive gift handover event on the last day of Women’s month wherein 200 grandmothers received blankets as gifts. The acknowledgement of child-headed households from the catchment area which saw Central City Shopping Centre hand over 10 dignity packs.

Mr Sello Maseko of the Marketing Community Forum at Central City (MCF) says: “The involvement of the community in the celebration of the women who represented us in the struggle against Apartheid, has given the community a sense of recognition by Central City Shopping Centre.

We are looking forward to the new journey we envisage with the centre. The community has always been excited about the work Central City does for it.”

A community steering committee was formed to foster a sound relationship between the community, Mowana Properties and Central City, to ensure a cohesive integration of the community we serve. The community steering committee has been well received by the community who see the centre as an answer to their shopping woes. All stakeholders are extremely excited and proud of the mall’s successes to date.

Central City sourced all goods and services from the local community of value-adding black suppliers. This is in line with Governments economic strategy to see the SMME sector grow through the support of the corporate sector as we the fostering of local job creation.