Mowana Properties appoints a new HR Executive

Mowana Properties welcomes Dr Mamello Masia as its new HR Executive.


Mamello is an HR Executive with a great passion for growing talent. She is passionate about driving education-related projects, career development, and increasing capacity and employability of staff. Mamello’s interests in HR are varied across the whole HR value Chain, so in essence, she loves people issues. Mamello is enthusiastic about HR Information systems and HR analytics.

She has a deep hands-on experience from operational HR to strategic HR matters, with large multinational corporates to local companies. She has been exposed to various cultures in her career, associated with the organisations she worked for, such as the Japanese, German, American, and other parts of Africa.

What stood out for her in the Japanese culture at Toyota was the Toyota Business Practices, also known as the Toyota way. This culture intrinsically changed her outlook on managing projects, dealing with daily work challenges, and approaching problems in the workplace.

She has various qualifications, from an undergraduate degree in Public Administration and Sociology to an MCom in Human Resource Management. In December 2021, she was conferred a PhD in Human Resources focusing on HR Analytics and HR Information Systems.