Inaugural Kids Board launched at Southgate

Southgate makes kids bosses.

Refiloe, Khanyisile Lesaoana and Sibusiso Zwane

The launch of the Inaugural Kids Board at Southgate Mall excited both the parents of the children and the children who were made brand ambassadors. In case you are wondering what a Kids Board is; as it is popularly known, kids play a big role in influencing purchase decisions in families and households, Southgate has resolved to use kid influencers as a powerful marketing tool in order to gradually change the negative brand perceptions that the mall may have accumulated over the years.

The General Manager for Southgate Mall, Selina Seitshiro explained that the launch for the Inaugural Kids Board was basically an initiative for Southgate and all its other partners to show gratitude to the communities that have been supporting the mall for the last 28 years.

Seitshiro said, “This is also our way of giving back to the communities that have been with us this long and the kids on the board belong to schools, so our intention and our partners’ intention is for them to even further make an impact in their schools.”

It is almost unarguable that kids are likable, authentic and relatable; therefore, Southgate Mall has figured that placing them in the forefront of their brand will make Southgate Mall as favourably appealing to its shoppers as a family shopping centre.

The mission for the Southgate Kids Board is to reposition the mall as a family shopping mall and provide a platform within the mall where children’s opinions won’t only matter and be heard but will also be heeded and implemented.‘Kheez’ impassioned about the music keys

One parent who was astounded and impressed by the initiative was Valerie Agulhas who went to the launch at the mall in support of her friend’s child, she said, “I really think this is a wonderful opportunity and experience for the kids, and it will help keep them disciplined and on the right path.”

Seitshiro concluded that the kids will even be made to under-stand the other dynamics in retail and not just shopping.